Monday, September 19, 2005

Jamaganza '05

Had a great weekend. We had our annual "Jamaganza Golf and Auction" Charity in which we usually raise about $50K for the Make-a-wish Foundation. Good News: We only had to purchase 1 crashed golf cart this year. (Damned tree!)

Summary of my Auction Purchases:
1. The original "Traffic Jam" bar sign (quite the win!)
2. 2 sets of 4-tickets to any St. Louis Blues game (by the ice) except Detroid games (?!)
3. A Budweiser RAMS lighted bar sign
4. Santa for Christmas Eve (Boy will that be kinky!)
5. Our traditional purchase of Homemade Apple Pie Schnapps (really home made)
6. A gauze wrap to help heal the mental wounds of my friend Dave after he left the driving range on Friday.

Ahh the joy of giving. It goes without saying that we donated about a thousand dollars to the traffic jam bar itself for brew...


Blogger Dave Morris said...

I'm waiting for the gauze. I will be the sobbing one with fork holes in my forehead.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Steph said...


11:57 PM  

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