Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sleep Packing...

About three a.m. I woke up to realize that my lovely wife was moving things to the bathroom. By things, I mean a couple pair of sweats from the bottom drawer, a long-sleeved shirt from the closet, a robe, and a small pile of miscellaneous stuff. About the fourth time I heard her open a drawer (I was dreaming that we were packing for a trip), I gained enough consciousness to ask her what the fuck she was doing.

"I'm getting stuff," she said as she went into the bathroom, shushed me, and then told me to leave her alone.

After about 30 seconds of shuffling around I realized that she truly had packed her stuff and wasn't planning on coming back to bed any time soon... Curiosity was killing me so I went into the dark bathroom:

"Leave me alone, I'm cold!"
"Why don't you come to bed and use a blanket?" I asked.
"Shhhhh... don't touch my stuff..."
"Do you mind if I turn on the light?"
"Shhhh. You know I'm busy. Don't mess with my stuff."

She was lying on the bathroom floor, covered in her "stuff," trying to sleep.

Some people sleep walk. Some people talk in their sleep. My wife sleep packs and then sleep sleeps. God knows I hope she doesn't start sleep-shopping!


Anonymous Diana said...

That is VERY funny!!!

9:07 PM  

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