Monday, September 12, 2005

Fine Eats

Recipe for a REALLY interesting night:
1) 4 cases of bottled beer
2) Dave's BBQ Ribs (with special Dave's Secret Sauce)
3) Cigars
4) A midnight run to House du Wafle'

Questions about the Waffle House:
1) Why don't they have a "Quality" letter in the window?
2) Why don't they every fix ALL the letters in the sign at once?
3) What's the punishment for sitting at a "reserved for 2 or more only" table?
4) What do they really do in that back room?
5) Do the workers joke about us as much as we joke about them?
6) Who the hell owns the waffle house?
7) Does anyone really like grits?
8) Why is it funny when Gary sings the Waffle House tunes?
9) Why does Gary know the words? Why does Dave know the words?
10) Does Phyllis know we smuggle Bailey's into our coffee?!
11) Why can I eat 2 pounds of Waffle House food and poop 4 pounds?


Blogger Dave Morris said...

I just finished picking up broken beer bottles from under my deck, and gathering fishing poles and popcorn bowls. Now THAT'S an interesting night.

And there was a big rubber sex toy under your chair. What's that about?

10:45 AM  

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