Saturday, October 08, 2005

10 Annoyances

I've decided to vent about 10 new things that I realize annoy me probably way too much.

1) Lists about things, especially top 10 lists.

2) Toilets that need "jiggling." It takes 5 minutes to completely refurbish the mechanical insides of a toilet-- Fix your shit.

4) Signing my life away for Pseudophed, 10 tablets at a time. I asked the pharmacist, "How am I going to run a profitable meth lab if I have to come in here every day for 10 pseuds?"

5) Public Restroom Boogers. What is the infatuation of wiping nose goo above a urinal in a public restroom? What kind of person does this?!

6) Overnight Sink Dishes. Are they going to jump out of the sink and clean themselves?! As a once-has-been bachelor, I can understand leaving a glass by the sink for later use the same day (unless it was for milk or beer). But leaving pots and dishes in the sink overnight is just plain annoying.

7) Looking at a Lazy Eye. (Amblyopia) My uncle Larry has a lazy eye that "floats" when he gets drunk. Unless he wears a tag or something, how am I to know which eye to look at when we're talking? It's damn annoying. (They seem to switch sometimes.)

8) Voice Mail. With caller ID, text messaging, and the technology we have today, don't make me dial in to listen to a message that usually says, "Call me." When I *do* call from caller ID, don't ask me, "Did you get my message?" Here's a good one: "Did you know your messeges are full?!" Uhh, it's been full for about 11 years now...

9) The Macanudo Cigar Tent. Yesterday we (Dave Morris, Gary Stokes, and I) went to the cigar tent to relax on leather in front of the big screen with a stoge. There were several irony's that took place that ensure I will never visit the tent again:

  • Dave got kicked out of the cigar tent because smoking was not allowed.
  • Of the 100 boxes of "door prize" cigars given away, they gave Gary a ball cap. Everyone else drawn got a box of Macanudos. (His one free Mac stained his hand...)
  • The skinny-mini gal helping Macanudo get pics of everyone had a MAJOR case of lip funk that proves once again... Cigar smoking does cause lip cancer. (Whatever picture you have in your head about her lip funk-- THIS WAS WORSE.)


Blogger Mike said...

Cool blog Dr.

1:04 PM  
Blogger gary said...

At least I got a freakin' hat which I will gladly trade for sex...NO...not with YOU Mike!!!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Dave Morris said...

Gary, you wouldn't WANT a woman who would trade that hat for sex. She would probably have something "down there" similar to what the cigar girl had on her lip.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

Dave got thrown out of someplace? Hard to believe...

11:47 PM  

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