Monday, March 21, 2005

BIRD-man is a God!


We (from left to right: Me, Gary, Ron and Dave) bet our friend "Birdman" $5 each that he couldn't get this nice woman to kiss him on the lips within 10 minutes. Simply put: We each lost five damn dollars.

Because of his ability to attract ugly women, I'd like to dedicate this blog to our good friend, the Birdman.

Background: Birdman was given his nickname because of his unique ability to dance like a bird when fully soused. He becomes loud, obnoxious, and pretty much a pain-in-the-ass, but we love him like a brother.

Situation: Fall, 2004 we were on a winery tour. When we go to the winerys, it's an all weekend event and we usually ruin shirts, pants, livers, and a couple expensive wine goblets. The guys goal is to get the gals drunk enough that they kiss passionately... of course we get pretty drunk in the process, but us guys don't kiss. (Well, not that we can remember anyway.) Last fall, everyone was coupled with a hot chick (a.k.a. our wonderful wives) except Birdman so we decided to help him hook up. Actually, the man of bird doesn't need any hooking up, he just doesn't realize it... so we stepped in for a friend.

Results: Birdman truly flew over the Cuckoo's nest by putting on the classic, "I'll even wear your feathers, because they make you look so sexy" move. It worked so well, the Birdman scored three generations of feather-wearing purple hatted dames. It was grandma's 70th birthday party and before she was done blowing the candles Birdman had all of them dancing and hugging him. Pure birdshit. Coincidentally, three wineries later we ran into his flock again and had to listen to him sing-- and wear his beak. We deserved a refund on our $5 bet.

Then he REALLY went overboard... he took our gals, too!

Where is Birdman? Last seen he was running in front of the truck with his pants down.

This blog's for you, O' lover of life. You keep us laughing so we'll see you for our 2005 Spring Winery run...


Blogger Dave Morris said...

Ah, nothing better on a cold, shitty, rainy March morning than a trip down memory lane to the winery trip.

Unfortunately, it's been a not-so-good trip for some of our friends, every year we have to crop another girl OUT of the pictures. We gotta put an end to that trend this year, otherwise I fear it's your - or my - turn!

God bless the BIRD!

11:08 AM  

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