Thursday, February 03, 2005

Change the Channel

I believe the policy fairy needs to take a nap sometimes and allow governmental workers to turn their focus to Channel Common Sense. (That's 9702 on DISH if you've downloaded the fix off the internet letting you get every channel for free.) If you don't know what I'm saying, just try getting your car tags renewed in St. Charles County the first time around... and don't forget that personal property receipt from last year, because it's so hard to look it up in the computer. Ms. Betty (at the DMV) didn't realize the reason I was trying to get my plates renewed was because they needed to be renewed... I brought her proof, and told her to change her channel.

I recently had a discussion with a fine city employee who notified me that my plates were registered to a BMW mini-sedan. I didn't know that Beamer had the new series, kind of a mix between my 528i and a van... I just happened to have my XM radio playing (although my registration and proof of insurance helped) on channel Common Sense ...

I'd like to meet the governmental schmuck who titled my car wrong because it's not easy CHANGING a title. I guess I'll drive my mini Sedan until I replace it with something upbeat, like the forthcoming BMW marine-cycle.

Here are some actual Missouri organizations that meet (in no order of significance):
1) Missouri Association of Councils of Government
2) Dave's Window
5) The Gifted Association of Missouri
... and so on. BTW, Dave's Window is NOT, repeat NOT a lame governmental association. I just put that there to help gain links from his Brittany Spears Porn blog!


Blogger Dave Morris said...

You want to catch a high-powered meeting? Go to the next gathering of the National Association of American Geographers.


I prefer the Association of Brewers. Or the Association of the Bar of New York City. (I didn't know it had it's own bar!)

9:08 AM  

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