Monday, February 28, 2005

Under Pressure

Wow, sinuses are charged! Next to drinking a brisk glass of chunky milk, this is my favorite feeling. I've got that constant, eye-watering tingle behind my septum that allows my ears crackle when I swallow. Here's something I find odd: I can blow my nose and the pressure afterwords makes a "squeek," but nobody else can hear it but me...

I am reminded of bull-rider named Dee when I was a Wrangler Pro-Rodeo Team physician. We were in Wheaton, Missouri when Dee got hurled from a very pissed bull. Before the clown-guy could get the rope off the bull's balls, the bull gently pounded the side of Dee's skull with it's hoof. (Yes, ladies... they bull's balls are tied with a rope to make it jump around-- but it doesn't work with men, so don't try.)

During the evaluation to see if he was okay I checked his hearing. Dee got a big grin and said, "Yeah, Doc... I kin hear ya fine. Can you hear this?" He held his nose, blew hard and his right ear whistled. He told me he could play the Mary's Lamb song, but I really didn't care to hear it...


Blogger Dave Morris said...

Yes, the rope DOES work on men.

And the squeak you're hearing is related to the voices in your head. Are the voices still telling you to dance on a dead possum while wearing stilettos and fishnet stockings in a public parking area?

I can't make my ear whistle, but I can make noises with my butt when you pull my finger.

Oh, and I've actually been to Wheaton, MO!

12:00 PM  

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