Monday, February 28, 2005

My oddities

This American Idol thing is out of control. I actually told a patient tonight that I'd have to schedule her X-rays tomorrow because American Idol was starting in 15 minutes.

I can't stay away from Diet Coke (tm), either. I'm feeling a little nervous that the last can went down about 45 minutes ago. I don't drink a lot of it, I just like to know that it's here in case I want some. I think there might be a three-can emergency stash in the garage.

I hate boxers without a button on the front.

I have *NEVER* eaten lunch alone in public.

Not once have I used a public shitter.

I hate to be honked at while driving, no matter what the reason.

People should cited for not shutting their gas caps after filling.

Nextel phones are annoying when people let them "bee-beep" and then talk out loud. Maybe we DON'T want to hear your boring ass conversation about the basketball team and how it got defeated. Maybe we don't give a damn what your wife is cooking for dinner... Pretend it's a phone and stop the noise pollution!

I find it queer that one of Afrin's side effects are itchy, watery eyes with a possible increase in nasal congestion. WTF did I buy it?!

I think it's funny that at least two viewers were irritated by the use of the word, "queer" above.

Toilet paper should always have the loose piece on top, rolled over from the back. (More than 3 squares is a waste.)

I'm looking for an anti-anti-spam program so that I can get my emails again.

150 DISH channels and I'm blogging because my wife is watching yesterdays copy of some damn soap opera. I'll bet Bo and Luke are still arguing...

Does anyone know why my ice cream sometimes gets ice crystals inside the lid?

Why do women think it's okay to file their toe nails, but it's not okay to scratch our balls once-in-awhile?


Blogger Chris said...

You are just a freak! Next time I see you in the car, I am going to honk like a mad woman!! :)

8:07 AM  

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