Thursday, February 24, 2005

My subscription

I got my notice today about my cancelled subscription to if I don't post. (For you newbies to blogger that is total bullshit but it seems appropriate for my lengthy absence.)

Don't you love subscriptions to stuff that terminate if you don't reply within a certain time-frame? I get this supply catalog that says, "This is your last volume unless you reply to this card immediately." Big damn deal. As if I don't already get enough useless mailbox waste. My chiropractic office signed up for a discounted "waiting room" magazine subscription. For $10 a month I get enough magazines to fill an old Buick. I ordered a couple sports mags, money mags, People, Time and apparently 16 copies of Ebony and Black entrepreneur. I wish they'd send those $3.50 rags that you see in the grocery-store check-out lines about the President making alien babies... THAT's my kind of special reading. Want me to recycle?! (THERE's a topic for blogging.) Make magazines out of a sqeezably soft double-thick paper. There's a solution to the paper shortage.

I found a new place to get my joe today. Pulling into the Bread Co., I had a change of mind. I was in the mood for something new-- something less delicate. I chose to drive through town on a quest for a new brew...

Can you believe Huck's sells a large 20-someodd ounces for $1.38?! It's got a nice lid and all, but Huck needs to realize that his store name is, "Hucks". That alone makes for a nice discount.

Dr. Mike's Coffee Rating (as of 02/24/2005):
First Place: Heaven Scent Donuts-- The winner by far. I've known the owners ("The donut bitches," Linda and Janet) since they opened in 1994 and they have created a GREAT business. The coffee counter is clean, organized, and they have my favorite coffee lids. They supply the "real" fake-sugar, and of course their donuts compliment a wonderful java. Flavor rating: 9 (on a scale 0-10) only because there is no '10'. At Heaven Scent, price doesn't even matter.

Second Place: Huck's House Blend (Daybreak Coffee Co). First of all, I don't EVEN want to know what the "house blend" consists of*. At a buck-thirty-eight, the most expensive java in town. The coffee counter was oddly clean, organized, and they supplied quality lids (unlike McDonald's el-cheapo recycled caps that you have to tear off front so it conveniently dribbles down your shirt). Flavor? 8 (on a scale 0 - 10). I would like to see real sweet-n-low on the counter instead of that fake stuff. If I'm going to poison myself, I'd like to use the good stuff!

Third Place: QT (House blend). QT has moved down the list because of the re-organization of their coffee bar. Inconvenient, sloppy, and confusing for the new joe consumer. Flavor: 7, but for a buck and a smile from Dave, we'll see you soon.

Fourth Place: Bread Company. Over-priced Dyke-brew, empty coffee jugs, long confusing lines, too many trainees that don't know a medium from a large cup... No thanks. Rating: just damn poor. With that said, they have great food.

May the Blogger God reinstate me membership. Good day, all!

* Don't be an anal English freak... ignore the preposition.


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