Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hey, fill out a form!

The IRS estimates it will take 194 hours to complete form 1040...

Okay, if it takes 8-something days (estimated average) to fill out a single form, how is the average schmuck like me supposed to get it done the night before it's due?! (Actually, it was due last year... but I filled the form for an extension on the extended extension.) I called the IRS today (800) 829-1040 because I had a question. Yeah, I said, "I HAD A FUCKING QUESTION." An estimated one-hundred-ninety-four hours to prepare a 1-page form (with 18 pages of schedules) and I finally broke down and called them with one simple question:

"If a company 1099-misc'd my personal TIN and I placed those monies into my corporate account (with a different TIN) which then 1099-misc's my SSN, how do I account for the monies reported earned by my personal TIN when I reported it earned as corporate?"

Official answer: "Hold please, while I transfer you to that department."

Here's my solution:

  1. Make forms that take less than an hour so we'll file on time.
  2. Assume we have the reading ability of a 7 year old so we don't have to ask questions.
  3. Fire everyone that answers (or lacks answers) from the 800 number so that we,
  4. Can use that money to pay off the countries deficit.
I did get connected to the correct departement. His answer was "to document everything."

I asked him which form I should use and he asked it I would mind holding while he transferred me...


Blogger Dr. Mike said...

Look close at the picture in this post... it's amazing the political BS that they put in these forms like, "This form is for information purposes only. You can't use it to report..."

1:05 AM  
Blogger Dave Morris said...

Solution: Federal sales tax. No forms, no muss, no fuss. Pay at the register.

Or, solution #2: Move to Mexico.

Actually, I like either one.

8:24 AM  

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