Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Boxing anyone?


Last Saturday was a great night at the fights. Who would've thought the Ultimate Fight (at the Edward Jones Dome) would have started out with such a bang-- Two chicks beating the hell out of each other... The only thing better? Cold beer and a bunch of friends.

After a few pre-fight drinks at Chevy's, we hurried to the Dome. At $8.75 a beer, it was DELICIOUS! We landed some awesome ringside seats. It was the usual testosterone, booze, and blood night that left us with hunger for the Waffle House.

Somehow Mike Cornet got to safely the Waffl'ee Du Chez in St. Charles. I remember Keith won a farting contest and Ada put chili on his cheese eggs. (I'm not sure in which order.) About three in the morning we dropped off Cornet and we took a nap in his driveway to allow Keith to sober up a little for the drive to O'Fallon.

I had dibs on my bedroom, so there was no problem there. Mikey has been around long enough that he immediately grabbed the couch and a blanket. Keith ran upstairs and jumped onto his new territory-- the loft couch. That left only one place for both Ada and Scuba Steve... the spare bedroom.

On their behalf, I must say that normally there would have been a coin-toss to see who gets the floor... but after the drinking marathon, sleep was the only consideration. Yes, they both passed out on the same bed. They not only broke every "guy rule," but they gave us a chance to get some good blackmail photos to share.

NOTE: The following pictures are quite shocking.

Following is photo #1: It seems as though the two were quite jovial in the yard this morning. Oddly-- after they were done brawling in the grass, Ada shit next to my mailbox. Steve just sniffed around for awhile and then tried to sneak back into the house.

(scroll down for more)

Next, there’s photo #2: WOW, WTF?! We’ll never be able to use that room again, much less the bed. (I think I just threw up a little… )

(Scroll down for more)

Then we’ve got a third photo that just makes me cringe: (And who is their guest?!)

I guess we all get a little crazy once-in-awhile. We’ll have to have a talk with our friends Scuba-Steve and Ada and let them know this just isn’t acceptable.


- Dr. Mike

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Blogger Chris Johnson said...

That is some funny ass crap!! It took me a couple of days but I have now figured out who made the call to our house at 3 in the morning. Mikeys laugh in the back ground gave it away.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

You are too funny! That will make me smile and laugh all day long. Thanks Dr. Mike!

2:27 PM  

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