Thursday, April 05, 2007

POKER?! I hardly know 'er!

My public apology: Dave , sorry for touching my ass on your window while mooning Dr. Jeff and Mikey last night. (Yes, I did.) I dunno-- maybe it was the 'ol Alpha Omega fraternity in me.. or maybe I just never grew up.. or perhaps I'm just disturbed Here's my recollection of last night's poker tourney at Harrah's casino:

It wasn't my idea: In Harrah's Poker Room I registered on the waiting list with the name "Vagina." I told them 'Gina (jyn-ah) was my preferred nickname, but they insisted on using the full name. "Vagina... hold'em on table 8 please." That was my cue to join the table and I went along with it.

"Are you Vagina?"
"I actually prefer 'Gina because people make fun of my full name."
"So your really Vagina."
"Technically, yes."
[There was an eternal 2-second pause from everyone at poker table 8 to check me out like I was a three-legged midget]

Lesson, Chip Your Cards: The bonehead to my left threw his cards against mine so it kicked me out of the game. Yeah, pretty fucking funny except I had $50 on the table with an Ace/King suited. Prick.

Fugly: Before getting the casino, we stopped at a local restaurant/bar for some pre-poker beverages. While looking around the bar we noticed something peculiar: For every 3-some of girls in the bar, two were pretty and one was ugly. 33% of the bar gals are like lichens... riding on others as a host to gain popularity.


"... and also with you"


Blogger Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

Sean did that to Grandma's window when Bill and Chris got married, he was mooning the limo. Ask Grandma, she almost died laughing....and yes, my Sean, not a different one....he is pretty goofy once he loosens up......

11:17 AM  
Blogger Chris Johnson said...

I totally remember that! That was pretty funny, and pretty shocking coming from Sean. He is just not one of those guys that you expect to pull his pants down in public.

12:13 PM  

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