Thursday, May 12, 2005


I was in the airport coming back from Albuquerque yesterday. It was the typical American Airline scenario-- long, musty airport hallways with too many people relying on antique amber and green computer terminals to supply airline information. The airport was oddly crowded, somewhat like after the bell rang in high school; but that made it easy to make fun of people's idiosyncrasies.

I stopped, placed my jacket on a wall hook, and tied my shoe. Typically that's not a hazardous move, but yesterday someone stole my jacket AND my identity. Sitting inside my inner jacket pocket were my Driver's license, two credit cards, all my cash and my dreaded American Air boarding pass.

Left with no identification, no credit, no ticket, and no money I am stuck at the airport.


Blogger Dave Morris said...

Gosh, and it appears you made it back JUST in time to spill coffee in your car the NEXT morning. How ever did you manage that? I'd like the rest of this story, please.

And make it good.

10:24 AM  

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