Sunday, April 17, 2005

Women Don't Know How to Pack

As we near our cruise, I'm reminded that women basically don't know how to pack. We'll be gone only 5 days and Paula has been shopping 11 times for bikini's, dresses, tops, purses, shoes, etc. Ebay and Vicky's Secret no longer ask for internet password access, and the Beamer has a new auto-pilot button to the mall. We've saved 30% by signing for 3 Kohl's cards, and *I* actually even know where the girl's sock department is located. She has consulted with her sister, Jenn, in Wisconson; her cousin, Maddie, in St. Charles; Chris, Diana, Karen, another Karen, and I think even Bill about her cruise wardrobe. Thank Jesus there is no web-wardrobe-consultant...

And then she has the gall to tell me I need to be packed on Tuesday.

"TUESDAY?! Why-in-the-hell would I pack on Tuesday?" Thursday (before we leave) I'll pull out (not necessarily in this order) my duffel-bag and stuff the following:
1) everything on my bathroom sink
2) 6 pairs underwear and t-shirts
3) 5 pairs shorts / swimming trunks
4) 2 button-down casual shirts
5) extra pair of dress socks and sandals

I'll wear slacks, a white shirt and black coat and I'll even donate my extra duffel-space because Paula's stuff won't fit in two peices of luggage...

Ahh, the simplicity of being male. So there you go-- Women simply don't know how to pack!


Blogger paula said...

We know how to pack, we have to be prepared for any event that might take place. What if one outfit gets dirty, I have to have a spare. Or what if I get thrown in a pool after I throw my husband in for being a butt-head and I have to change. You never know we might get invited to some fancy ball and I need a cocktail dress. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

10:53 AM  
Blogger Dave Morris said...

Oooh, she said ball.

11:35 AM  
Blogger paula said...

oh by the way, there is a web-wardwarb consulting web site....and yes I've consulted with them too!! :)~~

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Diana said...

Mike, we'll go through this same ordeal again in September, so just get used to it! ;o)

9:57 PM  

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