Friday, May 06, 2005

Dreams ...

I had a dream that I was sleeping, having a dream. That's right... twice the REM in one night!

I feel bad for people that don't dream in color. That would be like 7 hours of watching the ol' Zenith B&W TV that I grew up with. (Only 13 'click-able' station, mono, and remotes were a thing of the future-- but it was TV, nonetheless.)

My dreams are vivid, color and sometimes predictable.

I used to practice controlling my dreams and could tell if it were dream-state or reality by actually pinching myself.

I frequently dream about things that happen later that week.

I solve puzzles in my sleep and often wake up thinking "ah-ha!"

I often dream about being thirsty... when I'm thirsty.

After my mother passed away (14 years ago) she appeared in a dream and several unanswered questions were explained-- in detail. She explained to me where she kept her autobiography and I was creeped out to find it in that exact spot, with written answers to my questions.

I've reached REM at my desk...

What if we're all just dreaming that we're reading my blog... and wake up tomorrow in the early 70's with black and white click-channel monotone television?


Blogger Dave Morris said...

The REAL televisions had rabbit ears, a volume knob that doubled as an on-off knob by pulling on it, and when you turned it off there was a little dot in the middle of the screen for 12 hours. They would pop and click for almost that long while they cooled off.

And they took about a minute to warm up before you could see a picture. If it was a color TV, when they DID finally warm up, the first picture you saw was mostly green.

10:19 AM  
Blogger paula said...

Very accurate description Dave, but you forgot the most important thing of all, the 400lb monster sat on a TV Tray....yes I was a hoosier, my TV growing up sat on a TV tray

10:48 AM  
Blogger Dave Morris said...

Paula, I always thought that's why they were called TV trays!

In our house, the big console TV would occasionally blow a tube, so we'd put a smaller black and white on top of it. The precursor to picture-in-picture. I guess.

11:04 PM  

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