Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pope Vote '05

Congratulations, Pope Benedict.

I said, "CONGRATULATIONS!" (leaning forward). I thought the replacement Pope would be a newer model-- someone that hadn't already tapped into their Medicare fund. . .

I'm not Roman Catholic, nor am I plain 'ol everyday Catholic... so I don't really get the whole Pope thing. Here's what I'd have liked to have seen happen differently in PV'05

Things I'd have like to have seen happen differenly with Pope Vote 2005:
1) I'd have liked a Pope Charles (as in Saint Charles) or a Pope named Mike.
2) I think it's time to introduce a new Pope hat (the old one is a bit gaudy).
3) I'd have liked to browse the list of Popelicants (applicants for Pope).
4) I'd like to have heard an audio of the first phone conversation after Pope Vote '05... "Hey, Todd-- you won't believe this shit..."
5) I'd have liked to have seen Pope Campaign commercials.
6) "Forgive Me Fridays" should have been added to the church activity agenda.
7) Liver 'n Onions added to the Lent menu? YESSSSS! (Lucky.)
8) Pope Tyrone? Pope Susan?
9) New "Spring Fashion" Pope-wear
Feel free to add ideas...

"Hey! What happened to Pope JP's ring?!"


Blogger Dave Morris said...

I propose they change the silver head-beating mallet (the one they use to check to see if the Pope's dead) into a thorny, blade-covered titanium pimpstick, yo.

9:00 AM  

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