Thursday, January 27, 2005

Simple things

Paula and I in my hometown- Alamogordo, NM

My big decision this morning wasn't what colors to wear, but whether I should stop at Bread Co or QT. Fortunately, my office partner's wife made the decision for me by phoning a request for a whole-wheat bagel on my way out the door. What a waste of tastebuds on the whole-wheat thing...

3 bearclaws, a WW bagel (w/cream cheese), two hot chocs, and two joes later I get stuck in the slow lane with the new lesbo on shift. How do I know this? Her name is Kelli, she had a flat-top haircut, and she told me she hates cock. Or maybe she hates to cook, I dunno... Regardless, 20 minutes later I wished I'd stopped today at QT.

The picture above is one of my favorites of my wife, Paula, and I. Sometimes I get busy ragging at the world, solving earth's mysteries, inventing the uninventable, and forget the simple things like walking around with my gorgeous wife. She's simple-- almost too simple. In fact, her simplicity balances my complexity. For example, I'm happy with big GUY toys like Hummers, Ferarri's, electronic gadgets, and stuff. She gets excited about Gerber daisy's, new clothes, a card.

My goal this week: To keep in mind and appreciate the simple things in life like the picture above.


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