Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Don't Give a Fuck.

I feel that I am pretty strong mentally. During an emergencies, I'm systematically calm; during times of stress, I'm usually contained and not overly emotional; and I'm usually referred to as a problem solver.

This morning, as an individual spilled their guts and sobbed to me about how things recently have not been going well for them that honestly, I realized that I honestly don't give a fuck! I guess it started a whole day of insensitivity, because as the day grew longer I gave less of a fuck than when I didn't give a damn fuck this morning.

I stopped at Bread Co. for coffee (not boycotting QT, but just didn't really give a fuck where I went) and got three mult-grain bagels. The dyke at the counter asked me if I'd like them "bread-sliced," "half-sliced," "with or without cream cheese," "individually plastic or paper wrapped," or "all tossed together in one bag?" Without taking a breath she gagged, "Would you like a medium or large coffee and is this for here or to go?" To myself I thought, "Miss -- Give me a couple bagles and a cup, because I honestly don't give a Goddamn fuck."

Someone today had severe back pain. Someone was in a rush today. Someone wanted an office visit during my lunch break. Someone wanted me to advertise with their company. Someone wanted me to send proof of timely insurance filing. Someone driving a DHL truck wanted my signature. Someone on "line two" wanted to hold until I was available to talk. Someone delivering pizza asked me if I was paying with cash or credit. Someone told me I missed my conference call...

I'm dedicating my blog to all those someones today that caused me to think, "Sorry, but I really don't give a fuck."


Blogger Dave Morris said...

Is giving a "flying" fuck different? There have been times I've not given "two" fucks. In fact, one time I didn't give a "fucking" fuck.

Mike, since yesterday you DIDN'T give a fuck, I think today you should give an extra bonus fuck - AND for the dyke at the Bread Co., a fuck coupon to use at a later date.

My feeling is, you just got a kick out of being able to use the word "fuck" a lot. Granted, it's a fun word.

So fuck you, you fucking fuck.

8:56 AM  
Blogger gary said...

Why the fuck should we give a fuck if Dr. Mike gave a fuck to fucking begin with? I don't mean that in a bad way...really...I just don't fucking care!!!

11:58 AM  

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