Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Things I Don't Like

1) Utilities' Lack of Speed at Connecting Things.
I had a great idea the other day: Cancel the home phone since we use our cellular for everything. A month later, DSL gone. PPV gone. I called today to reconnect and the quickest they can re-establish service is in 7 days.
Pain in the ass level: 8

2) Insurance Companies.
Ever had to deal with them? I do it EVERY day.
Pain in the ass level: 10

3) Unnecessary Paperwork
Again, EVERY day. Pain in the ass (PIA) level: 9

4) Stupid people
I was paying by credit card today to a dyslexic customer service rep.
PIA level: 4

5) Vehicle Drivers that Leave Their Fuel Cap Open
This makes me shake. How can someone forget to close the lid? That's like driving around with your trunk open.
PIA level: 2 (3 if you're sitting behind them at a stop light).

6) People That Change Their Email Addresses Often
bigdogs@myexcel.com? drmike@infiniplex.net? drmike@excel.com?
This is a good way to never hear from me again.
Pain in the ass level: 6

7) Indecisiveness
I'd like to have pizza.. no, how about Ethyl's.. actually, that doesn't sound as good as Chevy's... but we just had that... where would you like to go?
Pick a damn answer and go with it.
PIA level: 4

8) Poor Grammar
This is the U.S. -- Learn the language and live with it. Or leave.
PIA level: 10

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Blogger Dave Morris said...

A couple to add, if I may:

9) menu driven automated customer service lines - especially ones that don't have an option for your particular problem. I heard a great solution from a friend the other day. When you get an automated system, simply press no buttons. They will assume you have a rotary phone and send you right through to a live customer service rep. Perhaps a dyslexic one.

10) people who update their blogs on an inconsistent basis.

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