Friday, July 18, 2008

Poor grammer O' the day!

Quote from a guitar sale in eBay: (Why is this so annoying to me?!)

"here's a sad story ok i build customs guitars for people
and i built this one for a guy who was really excited for it and had me make a
different fretboard for it and had it painted but here's the story a few months
ago a guy placed an order for one of my lyss customs and said he wanted the
finish to look like a les paul but we told him we only do natural finishes but
long story short before we could finish his guitar he sadly died in a head to
head car crash and now we have his guitar owner less so we decided to sell it
here now this guitar is brand new but!! it is altered from original specs and
there for we are cutting a normal price in half has some dings from who ever
painted it and the paint job is not a pro job but is a good one this guitar is
high quality now this guitar is all your favorite guitars in one
you have the body shape a mixer of a prs and a parker,the curves a mixer
between a prs and a fender the tonal quality of a gibson this i
a amazing guitar you got to play to believe"

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Blogger Dave Morris said...

I can't even read this paragraph because his poor grammar doesn't synch with my poor grammar.

9:50 AM  

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