Friday, January 13, 2006

Today's "Cliff Notes" News

I've decided to highlight the current events into a 20 second overview:

  • Iran opens Nuclear Weapons Plant. [And this is a problem?]
  • Bird Flu still a problem. [Mostly in Turkey? How ironic!]
  • Sharon "Cher-Rone" is still dim.
  • Australia and US donate $50 to clean the air. [Half of which will go to Bill's Garage.]
  • Trees produce 10-30% of world's methane. [Fart Trees?]
  • Wang Usok owes $30 Million back for fraud research on cloning. [He probably should not have claimed that "he himself" was a clone.]
  • Artist chains legs together in desert, loses key [and gets dumb-ass award]
  • Don't Spam. They're cracking down. [As if...]
  • Bone-Shaped Doggie cell phones available. ["Uhh, is that bitch Fido there?"]
  • Organic Pet Healthfood Available [I'm starting to see a pattern]
  • Dr. Mike Williams, Chiropractor of the Year-- again.


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