Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tator Grows Up!

Tator (our little dude inside Paula's belly*) had an important day yesterday. According to The Pregnancy Journal, Tator changed yesterday from an embryo to a fetus.

As my 1st year g. anatomy instructor J.P. Ellis frequently babbled, "Syncytiotrophoblast!"

[On a side note: Rumor has it that J.P. was married twice to students, both of whom received free tuition and then divorced him after graduation. Personally, I'd rather pay the $150,000 tuition but that's just me.]

The earth's smartest man, and God's gift to anatomy never passed his PhD and is still known as plain 'ol J.P.

* No, we don't know if Tator is a girl or boy yet or we'd have a name besides "Tator." Dude was used as an ambisexual reference.


Blogger Dave Morris said...

To hell with knowing Tator's sex, have you figured out who's the father yet?

12:40 PM  
Blogger Bob2837465 said...

oh no you did-ent....!

seems to me that the gauntlet has been thrown, between the father joke and the satan/dave picture. them's fightin' words!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Dr. Mike said...

Haha! As long as Tator is Domestic we're okay...

3:56 PM  

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