Monday, December 27, 2004

Watch What You Ask For!

Christmas was interesting at best.
We took a trip to Central and South America with my in-laws this summer. Fantastic trip- Stayed at Las Lagos, Costa Rico, went to Machu Pichu, Peru and toured everything (and then some) in Cusco. The only annoying thing (besides lack of relaxation) was the peddlers at Town Square. My solution? Talk to them, as if they knew Englist, and ask them if I could by "a very small goat, or perhaps a pot-bellied pig" for my lovely wife. I even offered to sell them the contents of my coat pocket -- (Kleenix and candy-bar wrappers). It was kind of rude, but it served my purpose and the children would walk away, confused.
4-Months Later:
Christmas morning, 9:15 a.m. I receive two envelopes from my father-in-law, Jim, that are addressed to Senor Williams. Inside the first envelope is a letter from Pedro Jeminez Rodriguez explaining that my actions in Peru cost him the love of his life. "By not purchasing my fine cards, I was not able to afford to marry." He was sending my garbage (in the second envelope) and his new life goal was to get me the baby goat that I had requested while in Peru. As a "man of my word" I shall forward the monies, including shipping, to him so he could start his new life.

After reading Pedro's letter I was introduced to "Billy"-- my new 2-week old family goat. Three words to describe it: 1)cute, 2)loud, 3)pain-in-the-ass. Oh, and he smells like a goat.


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