Friday, May 26, 2006

You can get IT with eBay

So far, my eBay experience has been pretty good. You who know me understand that I like toys -- and eBay has just about any grown-up "toy" you can imagine. It started with slot machines, then neon bar lights, then airsoft guns... and ultimately I yearned to play the electric guitar.

The other day I decided to see what the market value is on my Coke Machine that sits idly in my garage and I stumbled across an eBook, "How to legally get a free Coke from a Coke machine." For $1.99 I figured I'd enjoy the risk of scam, and maybe even learn how to reset my machine to drop a Coke-beer for free.

Here's the skinny: 72 hours went by and no eBook (big surprise) from . He said he wanted a positive feedback or he'd leave me a negative one.


Due to junior-high attitude and his eBay $1.99 extortion, I'd like for everyone that's having a bad day to send a little e-mail to him and dump your frustrations ... and leave us feedback so we can see what you bitched to him about!

I think I'll go first..


Blogger Dr. Mike said...

Seems as though Mr. Mueller (Richard) subscribed to the plethora of all junk mail generators... ! Dammit.

BTW, Dave-- I know this is immature, just play my silly game.

11:02 AM  
Blogger paula said...

You are sick and wrong......just the way I like you!!

5:56 PM  

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