Friday, May 26, 2006

You can get IT with eBay

So far, my eBay experience has been pretty good. You who know me understand that I like toys -- and eBay has just about any grown-up "toy" you can imagine. It started with slot machines, then neon bar lights, then airsoft guns... and ultimately I yearned to play the electric guitar.

The other day I decided to see what the market value is on my Coke Machine that sits idly in my garage and I stumbled across an eBook, "How to legally get a free Coke from a Coke machine." For $1.99 I figured I'd enjoy the risk of scam, and maybe even learn how to reset my machine to drop a Coke-beer for free.

Here's the skinny: 72 hours went by and no eBook (big surprise) from . He said he wanted a positive feedback or he'd leave me a negative one.


Due to junior-high attitude and his eBay $1.99 extortion, I'd like for everyone that's having a bad day to send a little e-mail to him and dump your frustrations ... and leave us feedback so we can see what you bitched to him about!

I think I'll go first..

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Very Best Friend

She's one-of-a-kind!!

I love ya, Paula!

You can get IT on Ebay!

Ever been so pathetically bored that you logged onto and randomly searched for stupid shit? Get this: I did a search on "scam" and found a manual on how to scam people for just $9.99 .

"AS IF."

I'm pretty tempted...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Today's Score: Girls 1, Boys 1

Paula tells me I'm like a messy kid. No matter what I do, she complains about "the crumbs" or "You left this out", or that belongs there... and today I must admit that SHE IS RIGHT. I'm not giving in, guys-- It is hard to do this, but today Paula scores a point because I am like a messy damn little kid.

It all started this morning while we were lying in bed talking about the days activities- Grandma and Grandpa K's 60th anniversay party, carving the watermelon, and the Indian-noises my nephew Landin was making downstairs. I asked Paula if she knew where my pumpkin carving tools were and instantly blasted the inside of my Fruit of the Looms with a shit painting that would make Picaso blush.

Skivvy painting, my friend, is worth a point for the guys.


Thursday, May 04, 2006


(The following information is for entertainment purpose only. This post contains adult language and material--If you are under 18 years of age, please press your "back" button to leave this page. The names below are fictitious and were changed to protect the innocent; any similarities are strictly coincidental. If you understand and agree with the above statement(s), then procede to the following post. By proceding to the following post, you hereby agree that you will not hold the writer or his heirs, family, friends, associates, work-mates, pets, one-night stands, or UPS driver personally responsible for any actions whatsoever blah blah blah, Amen brother.)

Let's see.. last night I heard the newsreporter saying something about people at school losing their scholarships and others getting prosecuted, fired, etc. BECAUSE THEY HAD TYPED DEROGATORY INFORMATION ON THEIR BLOG.

  • My ex-wife is a bitch.
  • Fuck Wentzville School district and their whore-paying once-was superintendent.
  • Female's should be wiping babies asses, not making congressional decisions.
  • You dumb bastards that can't read this blog, racial descrimination isn't an excuse.
  • If you're a terrorist, you don't deserve a trial.
  • If I have to show proof of insurance, a social security card, driver's license and a paid personal property receipt just to renew my plates, immig-- err.. illegal aliens can KISS MY ASS.
  • Hey, New Orleans... your welcome is worn out! Go home.
  • "Press 1 to Choose English" anytime in North America is horse shit.
  • If 1:100 people are handicapped, WTF are there 1:10 handicapped parking spots (half of which are double-wide).
  • I'll tear the consumer tag off my pillow if I damn well want to.
  • People without manners live in trailors.

Did I forget anyone?

Secure? Fo' Shizzle!

Monday, May 01, 2006

A couple monday PET PEAVES

I realized two more things today that really bother me:

1) The crusties that fall into your cereal from the top of the milk jug that were dried to the the lid..

2) This whole "immigrant" move. Here's a thought: Get the fuck out.

I'm jus say'in...

Who is this (con't)

Here's another clue. . .