Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

I suppose everyone is writing about Friday the 13th today, so I'll jump on the bandwagon.

I love my BMW 5-series. Not quite the luxury of the German cousin 7-series, but still quite a nice ride. I chose gold with tan leather interior because it hides the St. Louis dust. In retrospect, maybe I should have purchased the Gold beamer with black interior...

Typical morning: Hit the snooze once at 7:30, morning dump at 7:40, in the shower by 7:50, dressed and driving to the office at 8:15. Stopped at what-used-to-be-called Amoco (BP or somehting like that) for gas and decided I'd try their coffee. Huck's coffee on the java bar-- sheesh. I can't believe Huck is now Brittish! Hit the "yes" button for a gas receipt (BTW, I let the car fill up while I was inside the store-- something that oddly enough scares weak people) , scooted several times back and forth on my seat while talking on the cell phone (joke), and was on my way. Everything was great.

Anyone that has owned a BMW 5-series knows the quality of construction. Very stable. Very comfortable. Very sleek, and actually quite roomy.

THE CUP HOLDERS SUCK. Dammit. Everything on my car gets a perfect score EXCEPT the damn cup holders. Each of the two cupholders consist of two pieces of thin plastic that fold and retract into the dash just below the stereo. Neat concept, shitty engineering. The little plastic "finger" has a tendency to break, which allows a cup of coffee to plunge to it's death on the seat and carpet.

Happy Friday the 13th. I'm off to get the car floor cleaned...

Thursday, May 12, 2005


I was in the airport coming back from Albuquerque yesterday. It was the typical American Airline scenario-- long, musty airport hallways with too many people relying on antique amber and green computer terminals to supply airline information. The airport was oddly crowded, somewhat like after the bell rang in high school; but that made it easy to make fun of people's idiosyncrasies.

I stopped, placed my jacket on a wall hook, and tied my shoe. Typically that's not a hazardous move, but yesterday someone stole my jacket AND my identity. Sitting inside my inner jacket pocket were my Driver's license, two credit cards, all my cash and my dreaded American Air boarding pass.

Left with no identification, no credit, no ticket, and no money I am stuck at the airport.

Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm A Geek!

Paula Monroe?!

I am dedicating this blog to every "has been" that picked on me in high school.

Up yours-- you pathetic, bald, fat, lonely loser!

Thanks for giving me the drive to succeed.

Dreams ...

I had a dream that I was sleeping, having a dream. That's right... twice the REM in one night!

I feel bad for people that don't dream in color. That would be like 7 hours of watching the ol' Zenith B&W TV that I grew up with. (Only 13 'click-able' station, mono, and remotes were a thing of the future-- but it was TV, nonetheless.)

My dreams are vivid, color and sometimes predictable.

I used to practice controlling my dreams and could tell if it were dream-state or reality by actually pinching myself.

I frequently dream about things that happen later that week.

I solve puzzles in my sleep and often wake up thinking "ah-ha!"

I often dream about being thirsty... when I'm thirsty.

After my mother passed away (14 years ago) she appeared in a dream and several unanswered questions were explained-- in detail. She explained to me where she kept her autobiography and I was creeped out to find it in that exact spot, with written answers to my questions.

I've reached REM at my desk...

What if we're all just dreaming that we're reading my blog... and wake up tomorrow in the early 70's with black and white click-channel monotone television?