Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Things Dads Learn

1. Babies poop a lot.
2. There is a magical "pee" reflex when one lifts a babies butt up to change a diaper.
3. Babies have no sense of time.
4. "eh eh eh" becomes "WAHH WAHH WAHH" real quick...
5. If you plan 1/2 hour ahead, babies take an extra 45 minutes.
6. A newborn smiles when something really bad is about to happen.
7. A baby can spit up 2 ounces for every ounce consumed.
8. Dirty people at WalMart are attracted to babies.
9. Ailes in department stores don't allow for strollers.
10. Sales people should realize "pink" = "girl" before striking up conversation.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I've been corrected... or something like that.

A user comment:

Terry said...
I was researching "The Stars Spangled Banner" (our National Anthem) and ran across your blog's post of July 4, 2006. Although your post was written several months ago, I would like to point out the third line of the anthem/song/poem is incorrect. Instead of saying, "...through the clouds of the fight..." it should say "...through the perilous fight.""The National Anthem Project" was formed by various groups and individuals (including Laura Bush); it is on a crusade to have people know the correct words to the anthem/song/poem.Please go “The National Anthem Project” website at:http://www.nationalanthemproject.org/and click on the link that says “words”.

I just thought you'd like to know.
2:42 AM


Did you click on my link to the picture of the original National Anthem? I'd rethink your organization.


Here's an incomplete list of other dumb organizations that I found:

LBNAPTTIW - Laura Bush's National Anthem Project to Teach Incorrect Words
CAPSS - Coalition Against the Patenting of Snowflake Shapes
KMINTC - "Click Me In The Jimmy" Club
OATNO - The Oraganization for Anything That Needs an Organization
DMFC - Dave Morris Friendship Club
SBUAFPP - The Smelly Brothers' Union Against Fat Piano Players